In order to rent from Beverly Flight Center, you will need an aircraft checkout with a Beverly Flight Center Flight Instructor, sign our Company Policy, and have Renter’s Insurance.

Cessna 172 / Warrior / Archer: Private Pilot’s License,  1 hour minimum checkout, Renter’s Insurance

Arrow: Private Pilot’s License, Complex Endorsement, 125 hours total time, 5 hour minimum checkout, Renter’s Insurance

Aztec F: Private Pilot’s License, Multi-Engine Rating, 500 hours total time, 25 hours of multi time, 5 hours in a PA 23, checkout in Aztec, Renter’s Insurance

Cirrus: Private Pilot’s License, High Preformance Endorsement, Checkout in Cirrus, Renter’s Insurance

Required Coverage
Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability
Minimum Required Coverage

Each Occurrence                        Passenger Sub-Limit
$250,000                                    $25,000

Liability Limit Desired for Damage to Non-Owned Aircrafts
Minimum Required Coverage
Limited Liability

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