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For 45 minutes you will sit beside an FAA-certified flight instructor who will introduce you to the world of flight. Under close supervision you will take the controls and will be guided in performing fundamental flight maneuvers.
You will experience first-hand all that goes into a typical flight from beginning to end, perhaps being amazed at how uncomplicated it all really is!

For some, the Introductory Flight is done to satisfy the curiosity factor, but for others it is the ultimate step in deciding whether to begin the process of pursuing a flying license.

The cost of the 45-minute introductory flight is $149, please call our office at 978-774-7755 to schedule your flight! A $75 deposit is required to schedule your Intro Flight. This deposit will count towards your flight when you arrive. If you cancel less than 18 hours prior to your scheduled flight, or you do not show up, BFC will use this deposit to pay your Flight Instructor for their time.

Consider our Introductory Package! For just $660, the package includes

  • 45 minute Introductory Flight

  • 2 one hour flight lessons

  • 1-hour of ground instruction

  • Pilot Handbook

  • Logbook