The Introductory Flight is the perfect place to start. On this flight you will be able to take the controls of the aircraft besides a Certified Flight Instructor, and log your first flight hour towards your Private Pilot Certificate in a logbook! Call to schedule a flight today!

The Private Pilot Certificate is the first Ceritificate you will work towards. Once you earn your Private Pilot Certificate, you will have privelages such as renting aircraft, and carrying passengers! We encourage our customers to rent an aircraft for the day and bring their friends to Sanford, Maine for lunch!

The Instrument Rating allows you to fly in weather that is more complicated, while it is not necessary to get this rating after you earn your Private Pilot Certificate, Beverly Flight Center strongly encourages it! It will challenge you as a pilot, and you will definetly learn very useful skills! You will learn how to fly soley off of the flight instruments in the airplane, as if you were flying in the clouds. If you are in a situation where the weather deteriorates, you can file an Instrument Flight plan, and fly yourself in more complicated weather!

The Commercial Pilot License will allow you to fly for compensation. You will need a minimum of 250 flight hours to be eligible for this license. Achieving the Commercial Pilot License will perfect your skills in all areas of aviation. You will be held to a very high standard to flying!

Learn about Part 141 Flight Training. 

Learn more about the Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot.