Don’t assume that Part 61 and Part 141 have different training standards. The main difference is in the style of teaching. Both Part 61 and Part 141 require the same standards be met by the student who is learning to fly. Regardless of which type of school you attend, you will need to gain the same aeronautical knowledge and meet the same performance standards when you take your FAA tests.

Beverly Flight Center uses Gleim Aviation for conduct part 141 training.

“Part 141 flight schools are specifically approved by the FAA to teach certain courses in a structured and organized way. The purpose of Part 141 is to ensure the highest level of student training possible.

The Gleim Online Ground School is overseen directly by the FAA. We are required to provide the FAA with detailed information concerning student success as a result of having taken this course.

This has been the Gleim commitment for more than 30 years, and our FAA approval only further encourages us to thoroughly prepare our customers with the knowledge they will need to confidently pass the FAA knowledge test and operate safely as pilots.”

What is the difference between Part 141 and Part 61?

Under Part 141, a flight school must seek and maintain FAA approval for its training curriculum, syllabus and lesson plans, creating a more structured flight training environment. A Part 61 training environment leaves an instructor with more flexibility to change the training program as they see fit.

Part 141 flight schools have a strictly defined training environment. These flight programs are typically created for the career-minded pilot and offer a curriculum geared toward professionals. While both Part 61 and Part 141 are policed by same FAA standards, a Part 141 environment can operate more efficiently while training pilots toward a specific career path.

Choosing Your Flight School, Part 61 vs. 141 Training

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Example photos of the 141 Training Course Outline.