Complex Airplane Transition

What is a Complex Airplane?

     A complex aircraft is defined as an airplane that has 1.) Flaps, 2.) Retractable Landing Gear, and 3.) A Controllable Pitch Propeller. Most high performance propeller-driven airplanes fall into this category. Special skills and techniques are required to safely operate a complex airplane, and therefore special training is required. Training emphasis will be placed on the proper operation of the powerplant, flap, landing gear, and propeller systems as well as their associated systems. With training you will find that a complex airplane is not really that complex at all, but merely requires an additional skill set to fly. Beverly Flight Center has one complex airplane in its fleet and offers the required training to fly it.


Training will consist of both classroom sessions on the ground as well as sessions in the aircraft. All flights will be training flights with an instructor on board. There is no minimum flight hour requirement set forth by the FAA to complete the transition training. Successful completion of the training will be at the discretion of the instructor. At the completion of the training you will receive a one-time written authorization in your logbook to fly complex airplanes; no FAA exam is required.

The flight training will be conducted in our Piper Arrow III.