The highest level of pilot license there is. This license is required to act as a captain for a Major Airline, Regional, Commuter, and On Demand operation. No training is required for this license; a pilot need only meet the minimum requirements listed below. Beverly Flight Center, however, can help aid pilots in preparing for the required FAA Written Exam and/or the Flight Exam.

What Can You Do With An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate?

     An Airline Transport Pilot is afforded the same privileges as a Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating. In addition, the pilot may act in the role as Captain for a Part 121 operation (Air Carrier) or a Part 135 operation (Commuter & On Demand).

Minimum Requirements To Obtain An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate:

1.) Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating

        2.) 1,500 hours of total time as a pilot

        3.) 500 hours of cross-country flight time

        4.) 100 hours of night flight time

        5.) 75 hours of instrument flight time (actual or simulated)

        6.) FAA Medical Certificate

        7.) FAA Written Exam

        8.) FAA Flight Exam