Commercial Pilot

The Commercial Pilot license is the first step to becoming a professional pilot. Whether you have aspirations of becoming a flight instructor, a crop duster, or of flying airliners it all begins here. Achieving the Commercial Pilot license will perfect your skills in all areas of flight planning and execution. Not surprisingly, some choose to obtain the Commercial License simply to become better, safer, and more well-rounded pilots.

Training will consist of both classroom sessions on the ground as well as sessions in the aircraft. Flights will consist of both instructional flights and solo flights. Upon completion of the training you will take a license exam.

The flight training will be conducted in our Piper Arrow III.

What Can You Do With A Commercial Pilot License?

     A Commercial Pilot license allows an already licensed Private Pilot to operate an aircraft (own or rent) for compensation or hire, as well as to carry persons or property for compensation or hire.

Minimum Requirements To Obtain A Commercial Pilot License:

        1.) Private Pilot License

        2.) 250 total flight hours

        3.) 100 flight hours while acting as Pilot In Command (PIC)

        4.) 50 flight hours of cross-country while acting as PIC

        5.) 20 training flight hours on Commercial Pilot operations

        6.) 10 solo flight hours on Commercial Pilot operations

        7.) FAA Medical Certificate

        8.) FAA Written Exam

        9.) FAA Flight Exam

Keep in mind that the above are the minimum requirements set forth by the FAA. Multiple factors will determine the actual number of hours necessary to complete the training.