Andrew Novikov
CFI, CFII, MEI, TCI (Training Center Instructor)

Andrew’s first time at the controls of an airplane was in 2002 when he got into the cockpit of AN-2 jump plane as a skydiver. On that day, it became clear to him that he is going to become a licensed pilot. Since he got his license, he’s flown a wide variety of airplanes, helicopters, and gliders from single seat Piper Pawnee towplane to technically advanced equipment such as Cirrus Perspective. In 2012, he joined Beverly Flight Center as a Certified Flight Instructor and teaches in all Flight Center aircrafts at all levels, from Sport Pilot to Multi Engine Instructor. He is also a Cirrus Training Center Instructor. His favorite local destinations are Martha’s Vineyard (KMVY) and Nantucket (KACK), and his favorite Flight Center aircraft is Cirrus SR-20.

Andrew is an FAA certified Commercial Pilot with ratings in Single and Multi-Engine Airplanes, Helicopters, and Gliders and is a Certified Flight and Ground Instructor. He holds M.S. in Applied Mathematics and is a senior manager at a financial risk management firm in downtown Boston. When not in the air, he teaches scuba diving at a local dive shop and volunteers as a Transport Mission Pilot for US Air Force Civil Air Patrol.