Chris took his first flight at BFC in February of 1989 in one of our long retired Piper Tomahawks. While enrolled in the North Shore Community College program he earned his Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificates and started his CFI training. Life circumstances then got in the way and he took a long hiatus from flying. In that time he pursued a career in software engineering, eventually founding a fintech company named Ledgex Systems  in 2010.  In 2016 Chris came back to BFC to finish what he had started and completed his CFI 29 years later.

Chris has developed a passion for teaching aviation and looks forward to his weekend & weekday afternoon (in the summer) appointments with his students. Some of his favorite local flight destinations include KACK, KLCI and KEEN (especially while his daughter was attending college in Keene). His favorite flying experience was traveling to Florida then taking a Piper Cherokee on a tour of the state including landings in Cedar Key (shortest runway in FL), Key West and Marathon.

When not in the air Chris can be found in woods with his golden retriever Marina.