Growing up in an avid sailing and hiking family, Dane was drawn to the skies as the last
frontier that he had yet to explore. Raised in western Connecticut, Dane would frequently visit
Waterbury-Oxford Airport to admire the menagerie of airplanes and helicopters as they took
off, landed and taxied around the airport environment. These early memories were
instrumental in fueling his passion for flight and adventure.
Dane graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Dickinson College in 2015. After
moving to the Boston area in the same year, he sought out experiences ranging from medical
software sales to bartending to a full northbound “Thru-Hike” of the Appalachian Trail. In 2018,
Dane finally took the leap into the skies that would propel him into roles as a Line Service
Technician with the Beverly Airport FBO and, in 2023, as a Flight Instructor with Beverly Flight
Center. Dane is thrilled to finally be a member of his “home team” and is eager to help other
hopeful aviators achieve their own flying dreams.