Emma has had in interest in aviation since she was young. She started taking flying lessons in 2016 when she was 15 at Hanscom Airforce Base in Bedford, MA. Emma also worked at her first flight school, cleaning and refueling the airplanes. In 2018, she decided to continue her flight training at Beverly Flight Center. She started working as a Dispatcher, and enrolled in North Shore Community College’s Professional Pilot Program. Emma earned her Private Pilot Certificate in December of 2019.

While working as a Dispatcher, Emma’s passion for general aviation grew, and she fell in love with how the flight school operated. Her mom, Tina, and Emma had a once in a lifetime opportunity to take over the ownership of Beverly Flight Center. They have owned the business since May 2nd, 2021- and are loving it.

“Watching both our customers and employees grow as pilots, and as people- is the most rewarding part of my job. I love watching our customers achieve their goals, whether they are taking an Introductory Flight to conquer their fear of heights, or have aspirations of becoming a professional pilot (and everything in between)- it’s incredible to watch everyday. Coming to the airport and being surrounded by people who all share the same passion is really special. I’m grateful every single day, and I love what I do.”