Emma has been interested in aviation since she was 15. She started working and taking flying lessons out of Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford MA when she was 16. Emma came over to Beverly Flight Center in 2018 to work as a Dispatcher and continue her Private Pilot Training. She earned her Private Pilot’s license in 2019, before graduating from Wakefield Memorial High School. She enrolled in North Shore Community College to continue her education. She is currently working on her Instrument rating, and as of May 2021, she became an Owner of the Beverly Flight Center alongside her mom, Tina. 

“My favorite part of the Beverly Flight Center is the environment. Everyone at the Beverly Airport shares a strong passion for aviation, and it creates a great bond between all of us.  One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting students on their introductory flight, seeing them fly solo, and eventually get their license. I get to watch them push themselves every flight as they overcome challenges and make progress. Coming into the airport never felt like a ‘job’, because I am surrounded by people who are like family to me.”