Beverly Flight Center, Inc. traces its roots back as far as the early 1950’s when the U.S. Navy ceased its operations at Beverly Airport following WWII and civilian flight schools began emerging. As the years passed flight schools came and flights schools went…some transferred ownership while others closed their doors. The seeds of our company as it exists today were planted in 1979 when a Norwegian national by the name of Arne Nordeide gained employment as a flight instructor for Flight Center, one of the many flight schools operating at the airport at the time. In 1986 Arne and his wife Carol took ownership of Flight Center, and Beverly Flight Center, Inc. was born.

Beverly Flight Center has steadily grown to become a full training facility, which includes a present-day fleet of twelve aircraft, twelve flight instructors, two ground school instructors, a flight simulator, a 17-seat classroom amphitheater, a modern weather briefing room, and an on-site FAA Knowledge Exam testing center.

In 1986 Beverly Flight Center was awarded a contract from North Shore Community College to provide the required flight training to individuals enrolled in their Aviation Science Undergraduate Program. The alliance continues to this day, jointly producing the highest caliber of next-generation professional pilots.

As rapid advances in technology continue to shape the face of both general aviation and flight training, Beverly Flight Center has committed to keeping abreast of the future, offering training and education in state-of-the-art aircraft and equipment.

Over the years we have been extremely proud to see countless students and instructors go on to find employment as professional pilots with the Armed Forces, commuter carriers, charter operations, corporate operations, regional carriers, cargo carriers, and major airlines. Many have also gone on to explore other branches of the aviation industry, from Air Traffic Control to the FAA…and everything in between. It is very fulfilling to know that we have had such a big impact on their success. And to our hundreds of customers who have not chosen a career path in aviation we are equally proud in knowing that we have played a key role in allowing them to realize their dreams of flying.

Thirty years after its inception, Beverly Flight Center remains a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the pursuit of aviation.