Hello all, my name is Joe Gallotto, I am a first generation Pilot. Italian born came here to America with my parents. My story begins back when I was a boy, (I know that may sound familiar) at the age of 7 with a letter pin to my lapel, I was sent on an airline to return to Italy to live with my grandparents. A flight attendant took me by the hand to the airplane and seated me, somewhere over the Atlantic. A man dressed in a black jacket with gold bars and a white pilot’s cap said to me in Italian: “Come with me young man.” I could remember this like it was yesterday. As we entered the Cockpit, I was thinking to myself, ‘WOW’ this is not a bus this is an airplane, looking around at all the lights, switches and gauges, I was amazed. I have been in love ever since, not a day goes by that I don’t look up when I hear a sound of an airplane passing overhead.

Aviation is a true passion of mine. I am real excited to be back at Beverly Flight Center. I started instructing here in 2002, for a short stay until I began flying Cessna 402 for Nantucket Airlines. From there it was corporate flying; I flew piper Navajo Chieftain, Eclipse EA500, citation CJ3 and ending my career as Captain of Embraer 175 at the age of 60. the reason for me to say this is that if you put your best effort forward anything is possible. I am asked by lots of people wondering if it’s too late for an airline career, I say live your dream it is possible. I can say finally becoming captain brought me back to the day at 7 years old when I entered that cockpit.

Blue skies, Joe Gallotto